List Building Challenge

Day 1

Welcome And The Money Is In The List

Since the advent of the public using the internet one thing is clear. What’s here today, will be gone tomorrow. Except when it comes to one thing. Email. Email, while it has evolved has always been around and will always be around. Even if your Facebook Group is taken away, if you’ve done a good job cross promoting your list, you will be able to form your community elsewhere in the cloud. But without the list. Where will you be?

 What Is an Email List?

 First, let’s be clear that by “list” we’re talking about an email list that consists of your targeted audience. They came to be on your list because they signed up for it because they were interested in you and your offerings.

A list is housed via an email service such as, or I have been using Aweber for years, and feel that it does a good job. I also have heard good things about Convert Kit, but I haven't tried it. Either way, YOU own the list and you can build it in multiple ways. 

Most People Aren’t Active Participants

One thing to remember about email is that usually, the engagement goes one way. In groups like those on Facebook, it’s often two-way communication. This gives a false impression of more participation and engagement in groups than on lists. But most people who are members of groups do not participate and are what are called lurkers. The same is true of your email list. But, if only 10 percent of a well-built list responds to any offer as you build your list your money-making ability goes up. 

Build Trust An email list is a great place to build trust. You’ll send information that educates the audience on the subject that they signed up to learn about. Your ability to send them frequent and high-quality information is important. You don’t want to go silent to your email list because you want them to be used to getting excellent and valuable information from you. That way when you send an offer, they’ll open the email, and be more likely to respond.

 Provide Targeted Information When you’ve worked hard to segment your list you can provide targeted information to each member of your list. Most autoresponder services have ways to segment list members even after they’ve joined based on their behavior. Look at tagging and segmentation information with your provider for more information on how to do this. But when you provide the most direct information that the person really needs at just the right time you’ll be able to sell the right products and services to the list members. 

Make Repeat Offers One thing to remember is even the most dedicated list member will not open all your email messages. Therefore, you need to send any offer multiple times by varying the time of day as well as the style of message. For example, you might send a heads-up email telling your members that an offer is coming that’s exciting, then you may send the information when the offer is ready, and then you can send updates over the campaign each day to remind them not to miss out.

All of this is so much easier to do with an email list because of the technology available to improve your messages over time based on your list members behavior. If you’re still not sure, just look at the stats.

Email is used worldwide, billions of emails are sent each day, and the return on investment for email marketing is astounding with an ROI of 38 to 1 according to Pew research which is a rise of over 20 percent since 2013. This means that email marketing is surging, not going away.

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